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Young and eSafe Australie Secondaire utilisation responsable du numérique eSafety Commissioner «Short videos and web content designed to help young people create a positive online world and reinforce respectful and responsible online behaviour.»
You’re being cyberbullied Gouvernement du Canada 2018 Primaire et Secondaire cyberintimidation Public Safety Canada Ce site fournit aux jeunes des solutions s'ils subissent de la cyberintimidation.
You think someone you know is being cyberbullied Gouvernement du Canada 2018 Primaire et Secondaire cyberintimidation Public Safety Canada Ce site fournit aux jeunes des manifestations de comportements dangereux et des pistes de solution s'ils croient voir une autre personne être victime de cyberintimidation.
Y a-t-il "une philosophie du web" ? - conférence d'Alexandre MONNIN diffusée en visioconférence interactive le 30/03/2017 Rectorat de l'académie d'Aix-Marseille Place Lucien Paye 13621 Aix en Provence Cedex 1 2017 Enseignants nétiquette Académie d'Aix-Marseille Jeudi 30 mars 2017, de 14 à 16 heures, le Projet Europe, Éducation, École a diffusé la 3e conférence interactive sur le numérique, proposée par l’académie d’Aix- Marseille :
Wired safety Canada 1995 Enseignants et Parents cybersécurité WiredSafety WiredSafety (disponible en anglais seulement) est un groupe axé sur la sécurité, l’éducation et l’aide en ligne. Il fournit une aide personnalisée, des ressources et des renseignements détaillés, et de la formation aux gens de tous âges au sujet de la sécurité sur Internet et des technologies interactives, et des questions relatives à la protection de la vie privée et à la sécurité.
Why is Digital Citizenship Important? Even for Youngest Kids A5 3rd Floor Shankar Garden (Vikaspuri) Delhi, New Delhi, India, 110018 2014 Enseignants et Parents utilisation responsable du numérique Prasanna Bharti Addressing the 21st century skill of digital citizenship is important; to help students to learn, communicate and collaborate safely and responsibly. Being a best digital citizen in the community includes having email etiquette, reporting and preventing cyber bullying, learning how to protect private information, etc.
Who's Snooping on You Online? États-Unis Primaire et Secondaire protection des renseignements personnels PBS LearningMedia With recent reports of high profile data breaches, ransomware attacks and the prevalence of online trackers -- it’s hard to know how best to protect your privacy online. In this Above the Noise video we met up with the cybersecurity experts at Electronic Frontier Foundation to learn more about who’s snooping on us online and what we can do to protect ourselves.
Who are you online ? États-Unis Primaire empreinte numérique Common Sense Education What does it actually mean to "be yourself" or to "be "real"? Those are deep thoughts for any middle-schooler. For kids today, these questions matter online, too. Help your students explore why some people create different or alternate personas for themselves online and on social media.
When Is Your Brain Ready for Social Media? États-Unis Primaire éducation aux réseaux sociaux PBS LearningMedia Social media is a mixed bag. Being online may increase chances of identity theft and cyberbullying, yet, it’s estimated over 20% of 8-12-year-olds have at least one social media account—sometimes without their parents’ knowledge. At times, tweens are taking back charge of their brand, started by their parents since they were born, and sometimes, they are looking to share and connect with a community they have trouble finding face-to-face. So, What’s the right age to start using social media?
What's Cyberbullying? États-Unis Primaire et Secondaire cyberintimidation Common Sense Education It's an unfortunate truth of the internet: Some online spaces can be full of negative, rude, or downright mean behavior. But what kinds of behaviors qualify as cyberbullying? Help your students learn what is -- and what isn't -- cyberbullying, and give them important tools they'll need to combat the problem.
What should I teach my kid about safe online behavior? Californie Parents cybersécurité et utilisation responsable du numérique Common Sense Media As soon as your kids begin to go online, it's important to explain your expectations of their behavior. By acting responsibly and respectfully, they will enjoy their time online and get the best of the Internet while mostly avoiding things such as cyberbullying and inappropriate content.
What Is Digital Citizenship (& How Do You Teach It)? 312 East Walnut St. Suite 200 Lancaster, PA 17602 800-220-2175 2014 Enseignants nétiquette - «Digital citizenship applies to “those who use the Internet regularly and effectively,” according to Karen Mossberger (et al) of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology. As a result, there’s a major difference between good digital citizenship and bad digital citizenship.»
Webinars for parents and carers Australie Parents cybersécurité eSafety Commissioner «Join one of our webinars for parents and carers. They’re free!These live webinars explore the latest research and expert advice for using technology safely. They are a great way to learn how you can help your child develop the skills to be safer online. »
Webetic - Sécurité en ligne Bélgique Parents cybersécurité Webetic Page web sur la sécurité en ligne - Conseils pour les parents.
Webetic - Réseaux sociaux Bélgique Parents éducation aux réseaux sociaux Webetic Page web sur les réseaux sociaux - Conseils pour les parents.
Webetic - Le cyber-harcèlement Bélgique Parents cyberharcèlement Webetic Page web sur le cyberharcèlement - Conseils pour les parents.
Webetic - La vie privée Bélgique Parents droit à l'image Webetic Page web sur la vie privée - Conseils pour les parents.
Webetic - La désinformation Bélgique Parents compétences informationnelles Webetic Page web sur la désinformation - Conseils pour les parents.
Webetic - Jeux en ligne Bélgique Parents jeux en ligne Webetic Page web sur les jeux en ligne - Conseils pour les parents.
Webetic - Éducation aux médias Bélgique Parents éducation aux réseaux sociaux Webetic Page web sur l'éducation aux médias - Conseils pour les parents.
We the Digital Citizens États-Unis Primaire nétiquette Common Sense Education Video that explains how to be a good digital citizen